"InvyTrack has streamlined our process for materials and equipment management and greatly facilitated compliance with GMP and GTP regulations."

-Dr. Adrian Gee


Track inventory

Track a supply through the entire production process, view extensive audit trails stored in a separate database.


Manage inventory

Suspend contaminated lots, create formulations by combining 2 or more products, merge duplicate records of the same product.


Receive inventory

Accession both equipment and supplies, generate barcode labels.

A Case Study

Baylor College of Medicine's Center for Cell and Gene Therapy has successfully implemented invyTrack in two separate cGMP processing facilities as well as two auxiliary GLP support laboratories.

Since its implementation, the Center has been able to reduce costs involved with inventory management by tracking supply usage and allowing proper maintenance of inventory levels in support of all production activities. The numerous controls built into the production management have worked to ensure that all supplies utilized during production are tracked accurately with complete auditablity from the supply to the production and from production to supply.

More recently, the Center was able to utilize one of invyTrack's true strengths. . .traceability. When a major manufacturer of blood processing products announced a recall, invyTrack was able to immediately generate a detailed list of all products that were effected by the recall. This list played a critical role in the Quality Management group's investigation and resolution of production issues associated with the recall.

The system has also proved useful in the documentation of supply utilization which can be looked at in a number of ways including production reporting, supply utilization which can be organized by date, processing group, procedure, manufacturer, supply or any combination of the items previously mentioned as well as overall productivity of the various groups utilizing the cGMP facilities.

What is it?

invyTrack is an affordable, streamlined inventory tracking system specifically designed for laboratories specializing in the production of cellular and biological therapeutic products that require extensive auditing capabilities.

What makes invyTrack different from other systems?

  • Designed alongside real, live lab techs : Cell processing lab technicians participated in the design of invyTrack, ensuring that the software mirrored how actual cell processing labs operate.
  • The interface is intuitive: The wizard-driven nature of invyTrack keeps the confusion level down and staff focused on the duties they need to accomplish.
  • An auditor's dream come true: Most every action taken through an invyTrack screen is recorded in a separate, historical database. Advanced administrative functions exist to correct any data that was entered incorrectly.
  • The price is right: Compared to other products that offer similar functionality, invyTrack is extremely affordable.
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